Horse Prefers Owner’s House Over Barn

Straight from the Horse's Heart

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“Now granted, this is “Feel Good Sunday” but today we may have to dub this installment as “Feel Really Weird Sunday”.  We’re sorry but this story is spreading like wild fire across the pond so we thought that we would share it with you here, in the good ole USA.

Now Terry and I enjoy spending about every waking moment with our equine companions, either we are out in the pastures with them, on the trails or even allowing them to come on into our human yard and graze while we work on landscaping and such (the pool IS off limits and we have a sign to remind them “No horses allowed beyond this point!”.

Likewise, Terry and I went to great expense to build the horses a first rate barn that not only offers them clean, comfortable shelter when inside but also affords them ample shelter when…

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