England: Live Animals In That ? – No, Cant Be ! – What, There ARE !! – Petition to Sign and Crosspost. Thank You.

Serbian Animals Voice (SAV)




All photos V. Cameron and B. Fisher.

ValCameron141113_7598 _2

Above and Below – Whats In It ?

Dear all,

We are asking as many people as possible to help sign the petition to stop ‘box type’ trailers being used in the EU to carry live animals.

Many people are completely unaware that when they pass trailers such as these on the highway, they are full of live animals.

There is absolute minimum, or no signage on the trailers to indicate that live animals are being transported.  This can be a very major problem should the trailer become involved in a major accident which could effectively cause it to overturn – animals would be trapped and die, whilst probably, but through no  fault of their own, rescue crews would be completely unaware that live animals are being transported and are in need of rescue.

Full details…

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