Another Dog Tortured by Wire in Bosnia


1959250_633031540097077_141919779_nYet another case of appalling animal cruelty in Bosnia Herzegovina.

Yesterday this dog was spotted from a car by accident.  Animal welfare charity Andjeo Sarajevo saw a wire around his neck.

1904083_633030283430536_765430982_nThis poor dog passed by thousands of people on a busy street in Hrasnica, Sarajevo, and of course no one paid any attention to him, he’s a big enough dog but they acted like he didn’t even exist. Andjeo Sarajevo stopped and saw the same thing they had seen a little while ago with Faith. A tight wire deeply sunk into his neck.

He didn’t resist much, either he didn’t have the strength to or else he knew we could help him. We contacted the vet on call and took him there straight away, the scene was even worse under the harsh light of the clinic.

1888511_633030413430523_2091953268_nThe photos show a lot more. The wire was very…

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