Eight lies “advocates” told about New York carriage horses

Tuesday's Horse

Carriage horses, Madison Square Garden. Google image.

UPDATE: I have received numerous emails, that by posting the arguments made below by a defender of the carriage horse industry in New York, that we support it. No, we are simply reporting it — not agreeing with it. We have heard lies from both sides of this issue. You can see this has not helped but hindered. The horses are all we are interested in.

Just when you think you have heard all the arguments — for and against carriage horses in New York City — we have this.

The following was published in the Opinion section of the New York Post. It was written by NYC carriage horse driver Christina Hansen. I have yet to see arguments on either side that are 100% accurate.

Lie No. 1: Carriage horses have half the lifespan of other horses.

Not even close: Carriage horses routinely work until their late…

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