Shut Down Zoo of Death and Save Innocent Lives

" Imagine a day that are `Social Media God's' think they know us better than Ourselves'

Reid Fontaine, Michael Jones Accused Of Sexually Abusing Cows

Thailand: Dogs Stuffed Into Fertiliser Bags

Just Like We Planned To Implement, Japan takes baby steps toward a proper debate about animal rights

Petition | save albino- baby- dolphin ANGEL from Taiji museum and make a documentary of her liberation! |

Heavy metals in raw vegan proteins: detailed comparison charts

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Published on Feb 8, 2014

This research in the public interest is being pioneered by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, of Share the results and EAT CLEAN FOOD!


Some natural products companies now engaging in consumer fraud over heavy metals found in their products


Wednesday, February 19, 2014
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

(NaturalNews) Perhaps I shouldn’t be so easily amused, but I can hardly stop laughing at the theatrical attempts by some people in the natural products industry to convince their customers that eating heavy metals is good for you. Granted, most companies in the natural health space are very ethical and responsible. They are becoming more and more aware of the heavy metals issue in their products and they are taking steps right now to source cleaner materials and provide more transparency to customers. But some companies are still in a state…

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WIPP Plutonium Leak Can Kill at Least 32,700 Americans

Shocking photos show the moment a fox is dragged out of its hole by hunters and shot in front of children as young as FIVE


“THIS DESPICABLE HEINOUS CRIME MUST STOP….PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION BELOW. How can anyone say that chasing an animal with the intention to kill it is a normal act! These POS get a buzz out of chasing a small animal, purely to kill it…it’s the thrill of the chase; & they love it!!”

By LIZZIE EDMONDS – 27 January 2014

  • Images, released by anti-hunt campaigners, show men setting dog on fox
  • They then use spades to dig creature out of a hole before shooting it dead
  • Critics have today condemned ‘cruel’ and ‘horrific’ incident 
  • But Countryside Alliance say the men acted legally under Hunting Act

This is the moment a fox was dragged out of a hole and shot dead while children as young as five watched on.

The images, released by anti-hunt campaigners, show a group of terriermen setting their dog on the  creature.

The fox tries attempts to hide in a…

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Radioactive Plutonium Plume Coming Out of New Mexico’s WIPP – Geological Nuclear Radioactive Waste Isolation Pilot Plant

Act Now to Stop Cruel Cosmetics Tests on Animals in the U.S.

Our Compass


Please click HERE to take action (US only)

In 2013, we celebrated a historic milestone in the fight to end animal testing when the final provisions of the European Union’s marketing ban on cosmetics tested on animals went into effect. We cheered as Israel enacted a similar ban and were thrilled when PETA India’s work to persuade India to end tests on animals for cosmetics was successful.

But as we’ve celebrated this wonderful international progress in the fight to eliminate cruel product tests on animals, we’ve also been keeping a watchful eye on proposed changes to cosmetics regulations in the U.S. Instead of keeping pace with the international community, the U.S. is at risk of backsliding into requiring archaic product testing methods in which animals are poisoned and killed for cosmetics. Although the U.S. does not require tests on animals for cosmetics, some environmental and industry groups and decision-makers…

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Australian shark cull starts after seven deaths: First animal is killed off coast in cull to prevent fatal attacks


“When you enter the ocean you are at the mercy of the oceans killers; it is their domain, humans take the risk, sharks attack, it is in their nature…they should not be killed for their normal behaviour!”

UPDATED: 14:46, 27 January 2014

  • Western Australian government has placed baited hooks on drum lines to kill white, bull and tiger sharks over 10ft long
  • Policy comes after there were seven fatal attacks in the past three years
  • The first shark was killed by a government-contracted fisherman
  • Animal was shot off Castle Rock, near Dunsborough and dumped at sea
  • Activists threaten to sabotage drum lines and demonstrate against cull

A large shark was killed off the west Australian coast on Sunday, the first under a contentious new state government culling policy aimed at curbing fatal shark attacks.

The Western Australia government on Saturday began placing baited hooks on drum lines off popular beaches…

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GRAPHIC VIDEOS: ‘Ag gag’ Bill Probably Wins Battle, But Not War


“Those who secretly film the atrocious acts of violence are not terrorist; they merely want the PUBLIC to know the truth about the lives of the animals you eat & how they are treated. Imagine how it feels for them? animal lovers, having to watch the abuse happening all around them…to enable the public to see the truth. I think they deserve a bloody medal; for keeping their hands off the MF’ing bxxxxxxd’s committing such horrifying acts !!

YOU the meat-eating public, have the right to know the animals you eat have been treated with respect; before going to slaughter!! AG- GAG laws were introduced to protect those allowing the cruelty to continue to their animals, & protect those who commit the crimes; what happened to freedom of speech??? They don’t want you, the paying pubic to know the heinous acts of cruelty that go on behind their closed doors; because they know they are likely to lose business !!.

NO ANIMAL meant for…

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Animal Cruelty In North Korean Circuses, Where Bears Roller Skate etc. PETA States This Can Only To Be Learned Through Torture

Ann Novek( Luure)--With the Sky as the Ceiling and the Heart Outdoors

Circus Training, North Korean Circus, North Korean Circus Video, Green News .

Nk Circus

Footage covertly filmed by the Sun during a one-week stay in North Korea shows bears and monkeys being forced to perform tricks in gaudy costumes at a circus for wealthy citizens.

According to the Sun, the bears were caught in the forests of North Korea and perform three times a day while wearing tight muzzles.

In the video, the bears and monkeys are made to roller skate, jump rope and play basketball — behavior PETA spokesperson Carney Anne Chester says could only be learned through torture.

“The only way to get wild animals … whether they’re bears, primates, elephants, tigers, to learn ridiculous tricks is through the constant threat of physical punishment,” Chester told The Huffington Post in a phone interview. “They’re deprived of everything that’s natural to them.”

Chester went on to say that even…

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Ban Rodeos for Animal Cruelty

Vegan Lynx

Sign the petition here.

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Squirrel vs Bird of Prey (3:31 HD)

Russia: Your Voices Have Been Heard to Help the Sochi Strays !

Serbian Animals Voice (SAV)

Russian federation

olympic dog 2

UPDATE to our post on Sochi strays – winter Olympics venue – 5th February 2014.

Link to our post:

 Today, 23/02/14 we hear the following:

A success!

Dear Animal lovers, Animal Activists and All Animal Welfare Organizations,
I would like to thank you all for the caring.

Your appeal reviewed by the experts state administration of
Veterinary Krasnodar region on behalf of the Presidential Administration
of The Russian Federation.

At this moment, the city of Sochi formed a shelter for homeless animals.
More information about the details see at :    

(Note – we cannot access at SAV, but others may)

Dear Presidential Administration of The Russian Federation, we are thankful for your support.

Best regards,
Ekaterina Bourgois


 Congratulations to everyone who signed the petition to help the animals – your voice has been heard ! – SAV

olympic dod 1

olympic dog 3

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An Engineer’s Guide to Cats, Part 2!

An Engineer’s Guide to Cats

Rescind the Gray Wolf Delisting Proposal Now – WildEarth Guardians : Rescind the Gray Wolf Delisting Proposal Now

Urinary Obstruction in Cats – Page 1 of 5

Aspartame – Enjoy Your Daily Dose of Sugar-Free NeuroToxic Poison

Rational Opinions Blog

Aspartame Brain damageAspartame, also known as NutraSweet and Equal, is one of the most widely used artificial sweeteners on the market today. It is used in thousands of foods and beverages including chewing gum, candies, diet soft drinks, desserts, yogurt, condiments, and even vitamins and pharmaceuticals.

Astonishingly, although millions of people consume Aspartame every single day, it was never tested on humans prior to its approval.

First introduced in the 1980s, Aspartame has constantly been linked to a broad range of health problems. In a report by Dr. Joseph Mercola, he wrote that “Aspartame accountsfor over 75 percent of the adverse reactions to food additives reported to the FDA.” Here’s just a few of the over 90 different documented symptoms listed in the report as part of Aspartame dangers:

Headaches/migraines, Dizziness, Seizures, Nausea, Numbness

Muscle spasms, Weight gain, Rashes, Depression, Fatigue

Irritability, Tachycardia, Insomnia, Vision problems, Hearing loss

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Hundreds of tiny satellites could soon deliver free internet worldwide


Tips for Keeping your Senior Dog Mentally Sharp | Responsible Pet Ownership Blog

The Healing Power of Celery

A Step Forward for Sharks

People Kill More Than 11,400 Sharks EVERY HOUR (Infographic)

Higher Learning

A recent paper published by the scientific journal Marine Policy estimated that 100 million sharks are killed per year (the paper said the number could be as high as 270 million).

If you’re wondering, sharks kill about 12 people per year.

The main culprit is the black market for shark fins in China and the surrounding territories, where shark fin soup is a delicacy and shark fins are often believed to have mystical healing powers.

Photo: Photo:

Most “finned” sharks are thrown back into the ocean, where they are unable to properly maneuver. They either sink to the ocean floor and suffocate or are eaten by other predators.

If you break down 100 million annual deaths, it gives you about 11,417 sharks killed every hour (more than 190 sharks every minute).

This infographic from Joe Chernov and Robin Richards at Adventure Journal illustrates these staggering numbers better than any words…

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Too horrible for words: Stop the killing of dolphins and whales in DEADLY drift gillnets! Take Action Now

Chocolate, Climate Change, Future Scenarios


Reuters Reuters

The Atlantic’s website picked up this story about one of the world’s largest chocolate companies, and its approach to the future with regard to climate change:

…Now—in response to all this bigness, all this complexity, all these diversified models—it has prepared for a changing world. The Hershey Company is hiring a futurist.

That’s not what companies call it, exactly. Hershey’s is hiring a “Senior Manager” in “Foresight Activation,” someone with experience converting “existing foresight (trends, forecasts, scenarios) into strategic opportunities (SOs).”

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