Farmers fed their hogs ground up piglet intestines … but, um, for a good cause?

Save the Indochinese Tiger in… – The Petition Site

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There are fewer than 300 tigers remaining in Thailand, and a new dam project threatens one of their last… (1554 signatures on petition)

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Part 2: Illegal Slaughterhouse, China

This Is A Dog Meat Dog

Asia and Africa: When Does It End?

Thai Dog Meat Smugglers

GRAPHIC VIDEO:Idaho Ag-Gag: MFA Releases Shocking New Video of Dairy Cow Sex Abuse


“PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION BELOW – THIS HEINOUS ABUSE MUST BE STOPPED NOW & THE AG-GAG LAW ABOLISHED. If these men are capable of treating animals in such a vile manner; what are they like at home? probable domestic abuse & perhaps worse! These evil sub-humans need to be exposed not protected by an AG-GAG Law. Think about it, only those with something to hide would want this law to protect them from the public finding out what really happens to its animals. If you’re a meat-eater, are you happy to eat a cow that has been violated & horrifically abused???”

February 19, 2014 Posted By Vandhana Bala

MFA has released never-before-seen undercover video of cows being sexually abused at Bettencourt Dairies, Idaho’s largest dairy farm.

The footage is part of a new online ad campaign aimed at defeating the state’s controversial “ag-gag” bill, SB 1337.

The graphic hidden-camera video shows a worker fondling…

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GRAPHIC VIDEO: Breaking News: Pork Industry Turns Pigs Into Shit Eating Cannibals


  “Please sign the petition below; no animal should be treated in this horrific way, then sold to the public!”

20th February – Posted By Matt Rice

TodayThe Humane Society of the United States released horrifying hidden-camera video footage of pigs being fed diarrhea and the ground up intestines of their own piglets at a factory farm in Kentucky – Iron Maiden Hog Farm.

Although the practice of feeding pig guts and shit to other pigs is common on industrial farms across the country, it is illegal under state law

The video, which was profiled by The New York Times, also shows mother pigs crammed into filthy metal cages so small they can’t even turn around or lie down comfortably for nearly their entire lives. Seemingly without irony, the facility is named after a medieval torture device by which human victims were confined in a metal…

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Dangerous Intersections at Sochi — An Olympian Speaks Out

Our Compass

By bravebird, on February 14th, 2014
Source Vine Sanctuary News
Guest post by Seba Johnson

I sit to write this commentary on the eve of Valentine’s Day. Each year, this day of LOVE comes around on February 14th, and this year it happens to fall during the Winter Olympics. How very appropriate. As a youngster I had a love, and that love was ski racing. By the time I was fourteen, I made Olympic history as the youngest alpine ski racer to ever compete and the first Black female alpine ski racer. My heart was filled with the love of my sport.Before the sport of ski racing entered my heart I had a first love, and that was the pure admiration and respect I felt for animals.  Since birth, I was raised as an ethical vegan. I have never worn nor eaten an animal nor used his or her so-called…

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USA hockey team makes Us Proud by adopting Sochi dogs; Olympic dogs living with players at hotel; Oh and They Won Today Too!

Yes, cats and dogs are special but not to eat

Howls of Outrage

The Wolf Preservation Blog

howling wolf

Photo Credit: Tim Fitzharris/Getty

Special thanks to  Michelle Nijhuis  @nijhuism • February 10, 2014, for providing this information!

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service relied on shaky science in its effort to boot wolves off the Endangered Species List. Here’s the full story behind the biological brouhaha.

“About 300 wolves live in the nearly 2-million-acre swath of central Ontario forest known as Algonquin Provincial Park. These wolves are bigger and broader than coyotes, but noticeably smaller than the gray wolves of Yellowstone. So how do they fit into the wolf family tree? Scientists don’t agree on the answer—yet it could now affect the fate of every wolf in the United States.

That’s because last June, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service proposed removing gray wolves across most of the country from the endangered species list, a move that would leave the animals vulnerable to hunting. To support its proposal…

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Navy Sonar & Explosives Will Kill Marine Life: Help Save the Whales [video]