Tiger Protectors Go Without Pay for Over 3 Months……

Great Cats of the "World"

“Don’t Ever Judge Someone Until you Have Walked in their Shoes”

I sat here this morning reading this in shock nearly – and at the same time, for some reason it comes as no surprise.>We go on about India’s Tigers not being protected or this Tiger is in Danger etc…with Good Reason of Course BUT can someone tell me how in the Hell can these Tigers be Protected when India is NOT taking care of Those who are out there on the Ground taking care of their Tigers and their Wildlife?! COULD YOU LIVE LIKE THIS???? Better yet would you not want to Throw your hands up in the air and say To hell with the Tigers , I need to find Work Elsewhere , because I have RENT to pay and FOOD to buy for my Family. Not to mention , these MEN are out there risking their Lives…

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