End all use of dogs on wildlife.

Exposing the Big Game

Petition to The Wisconsin legislature and Natural Resources Board of Wisconsin: End all use of dogs on wildlife.


Posted February 13, 2014

Why this is important

Wisconsin coyotes, wolves, bears, bobcats, raccoons, foxes and all wildlife are being run by packs of dogs and mobs of armed men for killing recreation year-round. Since coyotes can be killed without reporting, any time day or night, statewide, year-round, all wildlife is on the move, terrorized and killed randomly. Dogs used as weapons is cruel to the dogs, wildlife, and to children taught this is fun. Please help us get dogs out of hunting. They are set against trapped animals who cannot defend themselves. No one can defend themselves against armed men and dogs and traps in combination.

Sign the petition here:

photo Jim Robertson photo Jim Robertson

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