Free Lolita from Seaquarium

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Her name is Lolita, and she is 48 years old. August 8th, 2012, marked the 42th anniversary of Lolita’s capture from her family, the South Resident orcas in Penn Cove off Whidby Island in Washington. She was kidnapped at the age of 6 from her home in northwestern Washington State, and she has been a prisoner for the last 42 years.

The entire community of about 85 resident orcas was driven into Penn Cove, Whidbey Island. Four baby whales and a young mother drowned in the capture, and seven very young whales were sold into the entertainment industry. Of at least 45 whales removed or killed during the capture era, only one survives … alone … in a Miami marine park, The Miami Seaquarium. Since the brutal capture Lolita in 1970, she has been kept in a tank that is illegal by current…

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