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Mauritius. Paradise For Some. Painful Hell For Laboratory Animals.

One Person, One World.

article-2550368-1B2522A400000578-211_634x370An adult monkey undergoing a TB test, where a needle is inserted into its eyelid. 

January 21, 2014 NAVS (National Anti-Vivisection Society) published a report about the primate trade in Mauritius. Thousands of monkeys are bred in farms in small cages. Many of them caught in wild by nets or simply by grabbing their tales and pulling them down. Frightened monkeys are being held down, tattooed without anaesthetic, injected and examined as they await a flight to the UK, European Union and U.S to be used in scientific research. article-2550368-1B25222800000578-525_634x446A baby monkey is tattooed for identification purposes


NAVS did their secret investigation in one of  the key breeding facilities – Biodia in Mauritius who continue to take monkeys from the wild, terrifying the animals and destroying family groups. Some wild monkeys are sold for vivisection, but often dealers do this to restock their breeding factory farms – enabling them to claim they are…

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