China: PETITION – Stop-the-barbaric-medical-torture-of-harvesting-bear-bile – Please sign NOW.

Serbian Animals Voice (SAV)


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The abuse and confinement of beautiful moon bears for their bile in hell holes in China is one of the biggest issues of animal abuse today

We call on every bear bile farm to be closed down for good.

Please sign the petition “Help stop the barbaric medical torture of harvesting bear bile” on

Here’s the link:


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Just Three Quick Clicks to Save Dogs, Swans, and Rhinos

Our Compass

Source IDA

Free The Dogs: Take Action Today to Stop Their Suffering and Death
In Defense of Animals

IDA’s new Free The Dogs campaign staff has uncovered cruel and wasteful research that caused the suffering and deaths of hundreds of puppies and adult dogs, as well as the waste of millions of taxpayer dollars. Funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and conducted at Wake Forest University (WFU), the dogs in this study were forced to undergo invasive procedures and were then killed.

Our staff was shocked to learn that the NIH funded a study which attempted to fix a problem that does not exist. The researchers used dogs to explore a link between the use of a heart-lung machine and permanent brain dysfunction following cardiac surgery. However, there is no association between use of the heart-lung machines and long-term brain dysfunction following cardiac surgery. Permanent brain dysfunction is due to the coronary…

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Yuuummmmy. Year of the Horse

Getting Ranchers to Tolerate Wolves–Before It’s Too Late

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My latest for Takepart:

Ever since the 1995 reintroduction of the gray wolf to Yellowstone National Park and central Idaho, ranchers in the region have loudly complained that their herds end up paying a heavy cost. Lately, as a result, they’ve taken to trapping and shooting wolves at every opportunity.

Hunters have already exterminated more than a third of the 1,600 wolves that were thought to live in Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho in 2012, when the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service ended endangered species protection for gray wolves there. Environmentalists now worry about the danger of a new regional extinction. Ranchers and some state wildlife officials meanwhile seem to be ardently working to achieve it.

The wolves are no longer safe even within a protected federal wilderness: Just last week, facing a lawsuit by environmental groups, the State of Idaho recalled a hunter it had sent into the Frank…

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Animal -Welfare Lawyer: Horse Slaughter Suit is now ‘MOOT’

Straight from the Horse's Heart

By Josh Long as published in Food Product Design

USDA is prohibited from inspecting facilities for horse slaughter throughout the remainder of the government’s fiscal year 2014

Albuquerque, N.M.—An annual budget signed by President Obama has rendered “moot” a lawsuit challenging horse slaughter, a lawyer representing animal-rights groups said.

A provision in the $1.1 trillion budget prevents the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) from carrying out inspections for horse slaughter. Obama signed the bill on Jan. 17.

Last year, a federal district court judge dismissed a lawsuit that challenged horse slaughter. Front Range Equine Rescue, The Humane Society of the United States and others filed an appeal that remains pending before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 10th Circuit.

“We basically don’t think the court has jurisdiction over the case anymore,” said Bruce Wagman, who represents appellants in the case.

Wagman, a San Francisco-based lawyer with Schiff…

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A day off for the dolphin killers here in Taiji. The dolphins are safe for today.

Amami Rabbit