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Wolf Snare

Photo courtesy of The Association for the Protection of Fur Bearing Animals


“Last week, about 30 minutes north of Huntsville, Ontario, Paula Tough was on a popular snowmobile trail with a friend, learning how to skijor. Her lead dog began barking and pulling to the side of the trail uncontrollably.

Something was wrong, Paula knew. She took a few steps and saw her: a wolf, laying down, next to a tree, only 10 feet from the trail.

Why was this wolf here? Was something wrong? And she saw it: wire digging in, cutting the flesh of the hind leg of the wolf. A snare had caught her.

Quickly returning to the car with the dogs, Paula grabbed wire cutters she kept for this very purpose. Not only did the cutters prove ineffective, but Paula also recognized that if she simply cut the wire, the wolf would escape and could…

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