King Amendment Officially Dead – MFA Blog

Life or Lunch?

In a victory for farmed animals across the nation, the reviled King Amendment was dropped from the House farm bill Monday, stopping the provision dead in its tracks.Sponsored by the notoriously anti-animal Representative Steve King of Iowa, the King Amendment would have wiped out virtually every state law protecting farmed animals from even the most horrific cruelty.The King Amendment was proposed to nullify the few state laws that do provide protection to farmed animals, such as laws banning cruel crates and cages, prohibiting the force-feeding of ducks, and forbidding horse slaughter and shark finning.It was also seen as a threat to laws governing environmental protection, worker safety, and more. Its failure means that laws such as California’s groundbreaking Prop 2 get to stay on the books where they belong.Mercy For Animals would like to thank everyone who wrote letters and made phone calls to their members of Congress. This victory…

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