The Origin of the Dog

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How dogs were domesticated: Where Do Our Dogs Originate From?

wolfgerman Shepher History of the Origin of Dogs

There are many thoughts and hypotheses, but in reality, we do not have a truly accurate time-frame or location regarding the exact origins of the dog or its domestication history.

We do know that its closest ancestor is the wolf, taxonomically it forms part of the group of animals called Canidae, these include wolves, jackals, coyotes, dingoes, and foxes.

It is now widely accepted that the modern dog has wolf like traits and is almost certainly derived from wolf stock.

Today’s domesticated dog is probably a mutated form of the Middle Eastern or East Asian or Siberian wolf or dog mutation.

Possibly the latter because there is greater genetic diversity, often a sign of greater antiquity in Asian or Siberian dogs than in European dogs.

Archaeological evidence points to the domestication of the dog…

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