1010771_614221755311389_1688571365_nLast night animal welfare charity Andjeo Sarajevo were contacted about a tortured dog in Vlakovo, a small village north-west of Sarajevo. Someone had tied a wire around the dog’s neck and leg. When Andjeo Sarajevo arrived, they found a sad little female dog, weighing only around 10kg when she should weigh at least three times this much.

She was clearly frightened, afraid of her own shadow. A sharp wire was deeply embedded in her neck and leg.
7553_614221861978045_905436711_nWe don’t know how long she has howled, how long she’s been suffering like this. A long time. Her leg is completely atrophied, has developed sepsis and is deformed, with all the skin peeled back… a living horror. Andjeo Sarajevo caught her by using a low dose sedative, it was the only way as she was so terrified and would not let anyone close. They took her straight to a vet, and under the bright…

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