Japanese speak out against whaling

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This 2015 Associated Press video is called Japan hosts pro-whaling conference, Greenpeace protests.

From Digital Journal:

Younger generations of Japanese are speaking out against whaling

By Elizabeth Batt

Jan 14, 2013

Tokyo – Recently, a newly formed Japanese grassroots group marched in protest against its country’s whaling policies. It was the first open resistance from within Japan itself. Digital Journal spoke with Action for Marine Mammals‘ (AMM) leader, Satoshi Komiyama.

Each year the Japanese government authorizes the killing and capture of thousands of whales and dolphins — either for meat or to sell animals to the captive marine industry. Yet so far, resistance to the annual whaling and dolphin drives in Taiji, Japan, has primarily been an external affair.

For various reasons, few Japanese citizens ever speak out against the hunts and many remain oblivious to their nature. In a country that encourages conformity, being…

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