Baby elephant video from Indonesia

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This video from Indonesia says about itself:

Baby elephant learns to use her trunk

20 Dec 2013

This adorable baby elephant was born to a mother who is part of an elite team of critically endangeredSumatran elephants that help protect communities from conflict with wild elephants in Indonesia.

She’s nearly 4 months old, growing fast and starting to imitate her mother’s behaviour. Here it looks like she’s getting to grips with using her trunk!

Read more about the fantastic work of WWF-Indonesia’s elephant Flying Squad and the newest addition here.

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Loyal pit bull saves family from devastating house fire

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A pit bull saved her family/NOT the dog from this story
Photo by Sebastian Artz/Getty Images

A Georgia family will be able to ring in the New Year thanks to their loyal dog who successfully alerted them to a devastating house fire, reported Thursday’s WRCB TV News.

On Sunday night, while Jennifer Ross and her family were sound asleep, fire crept throughout their Gordon County home.

The family’s intuitive pit bull, “Bella,” noticed the looming danger first.

Ross described Bella’s initial efforts to rouse her from sleep:

It sounded like she wanted to go out,”

I was like, ‘Bella, let me sleep and I’ll let you out in a little bit.'”

Thankfully, though Bella was initially given the brush off, she persisted in her efforts to wake her family.

Bella’s efforts escalated – she began to jump on the bed and then ran to the door – it was enough to alert her…

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Video: Dramatic Rescue of Dog Swept Out to Sea

Igor Purlantov

A lucky dog was rescued in the UK Sunday after being swept out to sea and assumed dead.  The Labrador and its owner were taking a walk when the dog went into the ocean off Sea Palling on the north Norfolk coast and was taken away by the tide, according to Sky News.  Two kayakers helped the man search for his pet but eventually gave up.  However, the next morning, crews from Royal National Lifeboat Institution began searching the reefs half a mile off the coast.

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Eastern Russia: A loyal pup was adamant on guarding his family home against the rising tide of flood water!

Loyal Dog Risks Drowning to Protect Family Home

Loyal Dog Risks Drowning to Protect Family Home

Earlier this year, a flood as large as Texas and California combined devastated an area of Eastern Russia, but one loyal pup was adamant on guarding his family home against the rising tide of flood water.

Druzhok, whose name means ‘Little Friend,’ escaped with his family when their village was suddenly struck by one of the worst floods that the Amur region of Russia has seen in 120 years. As many as 100,000 people were evacuated in the crisis, forced to leave everything behind.

The family went to stay with relatives and Druzhok was placed in charge of guarding their car, but he disappeared only to be later found right back on the doorstep of their flooded home attempting to fight back the tide.

Image by Yelena Andreeva via The Siberian Times

It wasn’t…

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