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Tom and Jerry Syndrome

touch of home

Tom and Jerry Syndrome is a condition cats get from everyday sounds around the house that causes seizures.

I have three cats in my home and one is 16 years old. They are all indoor cats. However, my 16 year old Siamese spent many years outside and inside. I never heard of this syndrome. This seems very bizarre to me and why is this happening now?

This condition – likened to the cartoon Tom and Jerry – has been triggered by the dropping of metal items on tiled floors, ceramic bowls, the hammering of nails, as well as the sounds of owners slapping their foreheads or clicking their tongues. The seizures don’t seem to be related to volume.

The new research began after International Cat Care (ICC), a feline charity, began receiving reports from cat parents across the country reporting the strange behavior in their pets. The experts believes the…

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