Flea Collar Formulations

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Flea collars for pets all work on the same principle. A pesticide is imbedded in a plastic matrix in the form of a collar that can be buckled onto the neck of the animal. The plastic is formulated to slowly release the pesticide over the lifetime of the flea collar. In most products, a pesticide is used that is not absorbed by the animal, but coats the skin and fur where adult fleas feed. Products differ in pesticide ingredients and the plastic formulation of the collar and cost.

Many people have been disappointed by the lack of efficacy of products in the past. Some products are not very effective for a variety of reasons. Over time flea populations can develop resistance to insecticides. A product that was effective a decade ago, may lose effectiveness if flea resistance develops. The pesticide may not adequately cover the hind quarters of a large…

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