Pet Abuse Listing

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Please click HERE for Pet Abuse Warnings

This DNA Warnings list was compiled by animal advocates using evidence and allegations made by people claiming to have had first-hand experience and information from other websites, including the news, police and court records, vets, animal control, and other agencies.  The advocates behind this website believe there is enough information to warrant issuing a warning pertaining to these people (which include rescues, transports, fosters, and adopters).  We would not give entrust any living animal to them; however, what you do with this information is up to you…just remember if you work with them and anything happens, you were warned.

More additions, information, and photos will continually be added to this list.

OC Note: This list does NOT include the farms, sellers, buyers, and other personnel of people involved in the food, pharmacy, fur, and fun businesses, all of which abuse, torment, and murder…

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