Aloe vera gel helps heal skin wounds and rashes

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Aloe vera, a spiky-looking plant in the succulent family, has gained an impressive reputation over the last few decades as the “go-to” herb for natural, drug-free soothing of minor burns and rashes. But aloe aficionados aren’t the first to extol this plant’s healing qualities, only the latest. In fact, the use of aloe vera gel to treat sunburn, wounds and skin rashes dates back thousands of years. Contemporary researchers have found that this ancient herbal remedy has scientific merit: the gel in aloe leaves is rich in phytochemicals that can ease pain, reduce inflammation and promote healing. And — because this versatile member of the lily family doubles as an attractive houseplant — relief for a mild burn can be as close as your windowsill. How did aloe become the plant of ‘immortality’? The aloe plant, scientifically known as aloe vera L. and aloe barbadensis, is indigenous to the Cape…

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