Who is the Daddy? Earth or Homo-Sapiens?


The functioning of earth is far complicated than the neural networks of our brain. Every micro to gigantic processes happens around are interconnected with each other. Either direct or indirect, one activity has its effect on several others. We humans right from our creation are exploring and trying to unveil these processes of earth. How far successful are we? Even scientists can give only a prediction as an answer.


EARTH has so many secrets beyond our understandings.

I may throw a pack of plastic waste or my vehicle may emit some carbon components in air, which can be cause death to a seal in Antarctica. Neither of I and the Seal knew each other before. There are so many complex processes happening around us every milliseconds and evolution is happening continuous. We claim to be the supreme species on earth, yet I say we are not controlling anything happening in…

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New Mercy For Animals Video Called “Vulgar,” and “Outrageous”

Michelle Neff

In response to the report that 50% of chicken is contaminated with fecal matter, Mercy for Animals released a new video. The PSA is hilarious as it is informative, clearly making the point that if you’re tired of eating crap (literally), then you should choose a plant based lifestyle.

As stated on Mercy For Animals website:

Recent studies show that nearly half of all chicken purchased in supermarkets is contaminated with fecal matter (aka shit). In 2011, the USDA reported that 90 percent of defects the agency found in chicken carcasses at slaughter plants involved “visible fecal contamination that was missed by company employees.”

You can read more about Mercy For Animals new video here!

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