US to destroy ivory stocks in effort to stop illegal elephant poaching



With echoes of the past – by President Moi in 1989 – the United States now tries to halt a hugely destructive and wasteful practice

From the Guardian : The Obama administration said on Monday it would destroy all 6m tons of its stocks of seized ivory – potentially millions in contraband – stepping up efforts to crush an illegal trade that has brought wild elephants to the brink of extinction.

The ivory destruction, announced at a White House event addressed by Hillary and Chelsea Clinton, was part of a broader effort by the administration on Monday to elevate wildlife trafficking from narrow conservation interest to urgent national security concern.


Destroying the ivory would signal that Obama was committed to stopping illegal trafficking in wildlife that has devastated species such as elephants and rhinos, and is a growing security threat, officials told the audience.

“Rising demand for ivory is fuelling…

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Save Forests : A beautiful tribute to Forests!

Save Forests : A beautiful tribute to Forests!.